250 Gallon Sealant Spill On A Casco Road!

by Tony on May 26, 2015

Casco M.E. – A road is Casco Maine got an extra coating of sealant this weekend after a vehicle pulling a 500 gallon tank spilled the substance onto the road. On Friday around 5pm 35-year-old Paul Cricones of Casco was towing a trailer that had a full 500 gallon tank of asphalt sealcoating material north on Meadow Road when the tank ruptured near Plains Road and Meadow Road in the Town of Raymond. The thick, black oil type material used to seal asphalt surfaces was leaked in large amounts onto the road. Cricones, who is the owner of PRC Sealcoating realized the material was leaking and pulled over at the intersection of Leach Hill Road and Meadow Road where a Sheriff’s Deputy noticed the situation. The Deputy contacted the Casco Fire Department who responded and worked to contain the spill. The spill was estimated to be approximately 250 gallons. The Department of Environmental Protection was also contacted and made aware of the incident. At least one vehicle had traveled through the material, coating the vehicle’s exterior. Anyone who experienced a similar occurrence from this incident is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 207-893-2810.