3 Arrested On Drug Charges After A Report Of A Man Selling Guns Out Of A Car

by Tony on May 24, 2017

Several suspected drugs, an illegal sawed-off shotgun, and a 24k gold replica Fifty Dollar note were seized during an arrest in Wolfeboro ~Photo Courtesy of Wolfeboro Police


Wolfeboro,NH – Three people were arrested in Wolfeboro this morning (Wednesday) after a report of a man selling firearms out of the back of his car. According to Wolfeboro Police at around 7:40 they responded to the report of a man attempting to sell firearms in the parking lot of the three sisters Country Store.

31-year-old John Seymour of Rochester, NH ~Photo Courtesy of Wolfeboro Police

Officers said that when they arrived they observed 31-year-old John Seymour of Rochester standing at the rear of a BMW with the truck open, showing another individual something inside the trunk of the vehicle. Officers were able to catch a glimpse of two shotguns in the rear of the vehicle.

45-year-old Kevin Henderson of Stratford, NH ~Photo Courtesy of Wolfeboro Police

The officers were then given consent to search the vehicle by its owner 45-year-old Kevin Henderson of Stratford. While searching it officers say they discovered several quantities of different narcotic drugs as well as an illegal loaded sawed off shotgun.

31-year-old Jamie Macbrien of Rochester, NH ~Photo Courtesy of Wolfeboro Police

Subsequently both men were arrested, as well as a back seat passenger, 31-year-old Jamie Macbrien, of Rochester; all for possession of drugs. All three suspects were also found to have drugs on their person at the time of the arrest.

Police seized what is believed to be heroin, crystal meth, fentanyl, and marijuana. Several other containers were found during the search, one contained a clear liquid, and the other contained a white powder-both are believed to be some form of controlled drug. Wolfeboro Police Chief Rondeau said that the suspected drugs were sent to the state crime lab for testing.

In addition to the suspected drugs Police seized several firearms, knives, a drug usage kit, and a 24k gold replica Fifty Dollar note. Also found was a small box of shotgun ammunition along with some loose shells. The Sawed-off shotgun was in the possession of the vehicle driver, and it was loaded at the time of the Officers’ arrival.

According to Chief Dean Rondeau of the Wolfeboro Police Department “…this type of activity represents the daily work of our officers do; they are dedicated to the highest standards of community policing, while providing a safe and secure environment for all our residents and guests. The work performed by Senior Patrolman Mike Strauch, Officer Mary Swift, and one of our newest Officers, Garrett Anthony, represents good old fashion police work at its best-and is indicative of the effort our Officers put into their jobs on a daily basis.”

All three suspects were transported to the Carroll County Jail where they were processed and later given a court date of July 5th in the Third Circuit Court in Ossipee, NH.

The United States Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has been contacted and Federal Charges are expected to be filed soon on the driver, Kevin Henderson for the possession of the Sawed-off shotgun, furthermore, Keven will be charged under NH Fish and Game violation for Transportation of a Loaded Rifle or Shotgun in a Motor Vehicle (NNH RSA 207:7).

Macbrien and Seymour were also charge with Breach of Bail as they are currently out on bail for crimes committed in other jurisdictions.

Seymour too earned two additional charges, Obstructing Government Operations and Falsifying Physical Evidence when he attempted to “hind” a needle in his possession in the back seat of one of the patrol vehicles.

This case will be concurrently forwarded to the U.S. ATF, and both the U.S. and Carroll County Attorneys’ Office for prosecution.