9 Kennett High Students Get VIP Treatment From NASA

by Tony on May 16, 2017


Houston, TX – Nine Kennett high School students were honored with the VIP treatment during a visit to The Johnson Space Center last month. According to the Conway Daily Sun NASA recognized the students for hardware they created for the International Space Station to hold lockers together on the space station. The lockers head to space next month.

Kennett seniors Cole Schoonover, Shawn Kenny, Jamie Kelemen, Dillon Dascoulias, Aaron Lamar and Cain Drouin; juniors Josh Rivers and Zac Phaneuf; and sophomore Nick Heysler got to stay in Houston from April 27-30 as a reward for all of their hard work on the hardware.

In all 15 schools were recognized as a part of the High school students United with NASA to Create Hardware or HUNCH program, but Kennett was the only school that wasn’t from Texas.

As a part of their VIP tour the students got a behind-the-scenes tour of just about everything at the center from Mission Control to even getting to check out the controls of the space shuttle. In addition to the VIP tour students were given a new mission HUNCH founder Stacy Hale. Andy Shaw, machine tool teacher at the Mount Washington Valley Career and Technical Center told the Sun that Hale was so impressed with the student’s work that he wants them to make hardware for the handrails in the International Space Station.

Hale also challenged the students to get 12 parts done by the end of the school year. If they do he’ll come all the way from Texas for graduation.