Abigail Hernandez Kidnapping Case Update

by Tony on July 30, 2014


Very little was revealed at the news conference about the Abigail Hernandez Kidnapping case yesterday. What was clear though was that if it were not for the non-stop efforts of the community and authorities, the case could have had much different outcome. Authorities said at the conference how the 3 key elements that helped this case the most were the community of Conway’s constant efforts to keep Abby on people’s minds, the tireless work of crime fighters, and the great strength of Abigail herself. Nathaniel Kibby is being charged with one count of kidnapping the then 14 year old Hernandez. If convicted he will be facing up to seven years in prison. Kibby’s bail was set at 1 million dollars cash and a probable cause hearing will be on August 12th and more details will be released at that time.