Alpine Group Members Get Stuck On Jefferson Notch Road

by Tony on January 16, 2017

Photo Courtesy of NH Fish & Game – Vehicle stuck on Jefferson Notch Road.


Jefferson, NH – A group of Alpine club members had to be rescued after driving onto Jefferson Notch Road this weekend. According to New Hampshire Fish and Game around 9:30 Sunday Morning members of the HANMI Alpline Club were attempting to find a trailhead closer to the presidential range in order to contact members of their group that were on the ridge. They attempted to drive their vehicle up Jefferson Notch Road, which is closed in the winter, and got stuck in a ditch.

A member of the group, 58-year-old Maie Choi of Monroe New York, called for help. Authorities say the original call stated that children as well as an adult driver occupied the vehicle. Because of that information two Conservation Officers responded to the scene by snowmobile. Choi stated that due to the poor reception she had to walk up and down the road to make the initial call for help but was very pleased when the assistance came.

Once the Officers arrived on the scene it was discovered that there were no children in the car but it was occupied by 4 adults. One of the adults needed to receive medication within the hour that was not in the car. Subsequently two of the subjects were transported back out to an awaiting New Hampshire State Trooper who gave them a courtesy ride back to their tent site in Gorham. The other two occupants stayed with the officers and the car.

After failed attempts to get the vehicle free the Officers called for a groomer from Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club. The groomer was able to pull the vehicle out of the ditch and back onto the frozen trail where the vehicle was driven back to the maintained road. The driver of the vehicle gave a donation to the club for the assistance of the groomer.