Another Person Arrested In Relation To Wolfeboro Car Break-ins

by Tony on March 9, 2017


Wolfeboro, NH – Yet another person has been arrested in relation to a string of vehicle burglaries. Wolfeboro Police said that they arrested Tiffany Danforth of Ossipee on a warrant Tuesday. The arrest is a result of an ongoing investigation involving various crimes which were committed in Wolfeboro between February 16th and February 21st, 2017.

Danforth was charged with 2 counts of Criminal Liability for the Conduct of Another in her alleged role as an accomplice in the commission of crimes in Wolfeboro, specifically, automobile break-ins along North Wolfeboro Road. Danforth was processed and released on a Court Summons at the Wolfeboro Police Department.

Throughout the investigation, Police have been able to obtain information linking additional suspects to various crimes and additional arrests are forthcoming.

Danforth is scheduled to be arraigned on April 5 in the Third Circuit in Ossipee. Tyler Welsh of Ossipee and Curtis Smith of Wolfeboro were also been arrested recently on charges relating to the string of vehicle break-ins.