Bill To Allow Concealed Carry Firearms Without Licensing Heads To The Governors Desk

by Tony on April 30, 2015

Concord N.H. – The New HaState-housempshire House passed a bill Wednesday that would remove the licensing requirement for carrying a concealed firearm, a significant change to the state’s gun laws. The Senate had already passed the bill. There was a slight change in the language of the bill so it will first go back to the upper chamber for a second vote before going to Gov. Maggie Hassan. The governor plans to veto it saying in a statement “By passing Senate Bill 116, the legislature would be taking a step away from our tradition of common-sense gun laws, and I intend to veto this measure” Current law requires anyone who wants to carry a gun concealed such as in a purse or under a coat to get a license from local law enforcement or officials. This bill would allow anyone who can own a gun to carry it hidden without the license. Maine is considering similar legislation and Vermont already has so-called “constitutional carry” laws.