Carroll County voting results

by Tony on March 12, 2014

Here are voting results reported by various towns around Carroll County from the election(s) held March 11, 2014.

Conway voters voted only for the special executive councilor election and will return to the polls April 8, 2014 to vote on town and school issues.

In Albany, Jack Rose and Rob Nadler were elected selectmen, Ed Alkalay moderator, Dick VanDyne trust fund trustee, Kelly Robitaille cemetery trustee, June Johnson and Lisa Robitaille checklist supervisors. Question 3 passed, question 4 failed.

In Bartlett, David A. Patch selectman, Cheryl Nealley town clerk/tax collector, Francis J Siek trust fund trustee, David L. Patch and Rich Stimpson planning board, Leo Sullivan library trustee, Jean Mallett treasurer, Robert Clark town moderator, Frank Matranga auditor, Sheila Glines checklist supervisor. On the school ballot, James Miller moderator, Nancy Kelemen school board and Sheila Glines treasurer.

In Eaton, Richard Fortin selectman, Thaire B. Bryant moderator, Carol L. Mayhofer treasurer, Allan R. Bean highway commissioner, Janet M. Bridgham trust fund trustee, Jane K. Gray checklist supervisor and Gail M. Blake auditor. On the school ballot, Ralph Wilkewitz moderator, Suzanne Jones moderator, Monique Hebert school board and Robert Bridgham treasurer.

In Freedom, Leslie R. Babb selectman, Donald G. Johnson moderator, Annette M. Babb tax collector, Patricia E. McCoy checklist supervisor, Paul Olcerowitz trust fund trustee, Alan G. Fall cemetery trustee, Jean C. McCarthy Marshall and Bill Elliott planning board and Paul W. H. Tung library trustee. All warrant articles passed. On the school ballot, Donald G. Johnson moderator, Todd D. Desmarais, Sr. school board, Michael Gaudette auditor, Dianne M. Park school clerk.

In Madison, Josh L. Shackford selectman, George Epstein moderator, Catherine Tilton treasurer, Andrew Smith and Brian Fowler planning board, Cheryl Q. Littlefield and Peter Stevens library trustees, Bill Lord and Mike Benoit budget committee, Jennifer Garside checklist supervisor, Ali Judkins trust funds trustee, Denita A. Dudley fire commissioner and Thomas Henderson Old Home Week Committee. Article 2 passed.

In Ossipee, Franklin R. Riley selectman, Katy Meserve moderator, “Sam Martin” and Roy Barron cemetery trustees, Joan M. O’Hara and Richard Fahy library trustees, Martha B. Eldridge, Joseph W. Goss and Matthew Trahan budget committee, Jan ter Kuile checklist supervisor, Bruce Parsons and “Ski” C.J. Kwiatkowski planning board, William “Will” DeWitte water/sewer commissioner, David L. Babson, Jr. and Lynne Clarke Zoning Board of Adjustment. All zoning articles passed. Article 2 failed. On the school ballot, Dr. James B. Manning, Stacy Trites and Charlene Seible school board, Randy Walker moderator. Articles 2 through 5 passed.

In Sandwich, Arthur R. Kerr II selectman, Lee W. Quimby moderator, Richard C Papen trust fund trustee, Rita Baker cemetery trustee, Linda Marshall and John Enright library trustees, Robert Rowan and Russell Johnson sewer commissioner, Janet E. Brown checklist supervisor. All zoning questions passed. On the school ballot, Lee Quimby moderator, Richard E. Hanson member at large and Howard Cunningham and Major LaRowe members.

In Tuftonboro, Carolyn Sundquist selectman, Heather K. Cubeddu town clerk, Jacquelyn H. Rollins tax collector, Jim Bean road agent, Daniel F. Barnard, Jr. moderator, Tyler B. Philllips, Sr. and Steve Brinser budget committee, Peter Sluski trust fund trustee and cemetery trustee, Paul Matlock library trustee and Chris Ruel checklist supervisor.

In Wolfeboro, David A. Senecal and Linda T. Murray selectmen, Patricia M. Waterman town clerk, Randy Walker moderator, John C. Burt treasurer, Howard (Roger) Hardy trust fund trustee, Dennis E. Bean checklist supervisor, Brian R. Black, Steve Johnson and John T. MacDonald budget committee, Linda Wilberton and Prudence (Pru) Fitts library trustees, Robert Copeland police commissioner and Michael Hodder and Stacie Jo Pope planning board. Articles 2 through 18 passed.

All results should be considered unofficial until certified.