CDS: Fryeburg chief on leave

by Tony on April 29, 2014

The Conway Daily Sun says the police chief in Fryeburg, Maine has been on paid leave since April 17, 2014 and Detective Sgt. Josh Potvin was named acting chief last week.

Fryeburg town manager Sharon Jackson confirmed the moves to a Sun reporter Monday.

Jackson tells the Sun “That’s all I’m going to say right now,” adding that town selectmen would discuss the issue at some point.

It’s not clear why Weymouth’s second-in-command, Lt. Mike McAllister, wasn’t named acting chief.

Potvin has had a high profile with Weymouth’s department and has served as spokesperson for it for some time. He has increased the visibility of the department through news releases about high profile cases, including the recent arrest of a suspect accused in the home invasions and burglaries in the East Fryeburg area.

Weymouth has recently been active in ongoing discussions with Fryeburg residents and Fryeburg Rescue – a non-profit that is separate from the Fryeburg town government – about whether a new public safety complex should be built that could accommodate Rescue ambulances – and the police and fire departments.

Conway selectmen have not responded to a request for comment on the idea.

Writer: MacKenzie Tuesday April 29 2014 from the Conway Daily Sun, with added content