by Tony on January 14, 2014

The director of Conway’s public works department says this winter’s strange weather has been a challenge for his road crews.
Paul Degliangeli says in his 20 years on the job he’s never seen the extreme cold we’ve had followed by rain.
He says his crews are using more sand on the roads than they ever have.
Over the years the amount of sand used – and the amount budgeted for it – have been reduced in Conway, as research shows sand is only good for traction on lower speed roads or hills.
Crews are using as much salt as they can get but Conway is competing with other towns and cities around the state that are experiencing similar weather conditions.
Crews are having success in the recently milder temperatures using heavy equipment to scrape ice off the roads, starting with major roads first.
As far as his budget goes, Degliangeli says his crews have been putting in lots of overtime recently – with a certain part of his budget dedicated to cover those expenses – but the good news is his fiscal year started with the new calendar year.
But he says if things keep up at the pace they’ve been going, he may need to request additional funds at the deliberative portion of town meeting in March, where budget adjustments are normally made.
Degliangeli says he isn’t seeing any potholes yet because the roads are still frozen.