Conway P.D. increases lot patrols

by Tony on February 3, 2014

Conway Police say they are stepping up patrols of large parking lots after reports came in late last week that fuel was being stolen from vehicles parked in the Walmart and Lowe’s parking lots off North South Rd. over a two night period.

Lt. Chris Perley says he has heard of similar activity in the past.

In another incident, Perley encourages parents to monitor their children until they are safely aboard school buses after an incident reported recently near a bus stop in Tamworth.

SAU 9 sent an email alert to parents of students recently asking them to talk to their children about personal safety after a report that a man in a black pickup truck had offered a ride to a student near the bus stop.

The alert reads in part “while we do not know the intent of this interaction we thought it best to notify the school community.”

Parents are urged to contact local police or the school administration if they have any questions or concerns.