Conway Teacher Is Letting Her Students Wiggle And Wobble Their Way To Success.

by Tony on December 7, 2015

wobbleA Student Uses a Wobble Stool In Ms. O’Hair’s Classroom (Courtesy Photo)


Conway, NH – It’s always a balancing act between entertainment and education when it comes to keeping a student’s attention in the classroom, but with new wobble stools in Abigail O’Haire’s room the balancing is literal. It is hard enough as an adults to sit in a chair all day and nearly impossible for a child. So when the 4th grade Pine Tree Elementary School teacher saw a need in her room she decided to go above and beyond the call of the classroom to fill that need.

Ms. O’Haire created a page on the crowd funding site Donors Choose to help her raise the money to get 12 new wobble stools for her students to use during class time. The stools have a special rounded ergonomic base that allows the student to move and flex without leaving their seat.

On her page O’Haire wrote that you wont often see students sitting in their assigned seat-facing front. She’s says that in her room kids are allowed to sit where they feel they need to in order to be productive and not distracted. She found that the one stool she had in her room allowed for the movement the students needed without being a distraction to others.

She created her page at the beginning of this week and by this (Friday) morning she reached her goal of $1,010 allowing her to purchase 12 wobble chairs. She said that with the new stools her kids will be better able to get their fidgeting needs met creating happier and more engaged students.