Conway voters to polls Tuesday

by Tony on April 8, 2014

Town leaders hope for a large turnout of voters Tuesday as Conway residents complete the town meeting process.

Polls are open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. at the Conway Community Building, East Main St. in Center Conway.

Conway’s Annual Report for 2013 – copies of which are available at the town offices, libraries and certain stores around town – contains a voter’s guide listing each article to be voted on and a worksheet.

Voters will consider a proposed town operating budget of about $10,190,000.

If voters reject the proposed budget amount, the default budget amount is about $60,000 less.

Voters will also be asked if they favor a tax cap limiting the amount of local taxes raised to 10 percent of what was raised the previous fiscal year. This is article 27, submitted by petition, and it is not recommended by the Conway Board of selectmen or the Municipal Budget Committee. A three fifths majority vote is required to pass.

Selectmen and the Budget Committee both recommend passage of Article 15, a request to provide $10,000 to support the airport in Fryeburg, Maine called the Eastern Slope Airport.

Voters will be asked if they favor spending just more than $200,000 to support various local non-profits.

In school voting, the proposed Conway School District budget for the 2014-2015 school year is about $33,849,000. The default budget amount is about $78,000 less.

The school ballot also asks voters if they favor a tax cap on budgeteers of two and a half percent raised in local taxes over the prior fiscal year’s amount raised. This is Article 13. It is not recommended by the school board but is recommended by the budget committee. A three fifths majority is required to pass.

The Conway School District mailed out a school ballot worksheet with each article to be considered, including explanations and space for note taking.

Voters can register to vote at the polls and are reminded to bring a valid photo I.D. with them.