Drummond Sets Record For completing The White Mountain Direttisima

by Tony on August 2, 2016

Conway, NH – Andrew Drummond has set a new record for completing the White Mountain direttisima. The 35-year-old Madison resident completed the 240-mile trek that connects all 48 of the 4,00-foot mountains in the White Mountain National forest on Saturday in a record five days, 23 hours and 58 minutes. Drummond beat the original record set by Ariel and Anna Feindel of Portsmouth by 56 hours.

The Conway Daily Sun Reports that he began his arduous journey on the 24th at the Beaver Brook Trail in Woodstock and finished on Saturday by coming down the York Pond Trail in Berlin. But he id not do the hike entirely alone, he was joined by friends and family at times, and supporters could follow him on the web as a GPS broadcasted his location along the trails on his website. Drummond’s next adventure will be to head to France to compete in a mountain race, for more about Drummond and his adventures visit skithewhites.com