Dave Eastman


Country Ecology airs on WMWV  Sunday at 10:40 AM, Monday at : 9:40 AM,  Tuesday at 3:45 PM, and Thursday at 1:45 PM.  It’s been on the air here since 1995,  hosted by Dave Eastman .


“Dave Eastman shows you how to recognize what you’re seeing–more than just recognizing birds; it’s how it all works and why. You end up understanding the science of it. The descriptions are so accurate that I recognize things again and again. The knowledge really stays with you. You can tell that Dave not only knows the landscape, he really loves it. Art and Science blend to make this really great nature writing!” – Laurie G., Indiana

Acoustic Cafe, brought you by White Mountains Community College, airs Sunday nights from 7-9 pm on WMWV.  Each week, listeners around the globe tune in to Acoustic Café to hear the latest from today’s great songwriting talents. It’s hard to put a definitive label on Acoustic Café’s music selections. After all, a good song is a good song… any individual set of music could contain a bit of country, rock, blues, folk, pop… and more!

In addition to classic songwriters like Dylan, Mitchell, Young, Cash, Browne, Prine etc., Acoustic Café wants to bring as many newer talents to the table as possible. That’s the best description we can conjure.

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