Filmmaker continues preps for Everest

by Tony on April 2, 2014

Valley based adventure filmmaker Thom Pollard of Jackson says he is enjoying his experience as he and his hiking party move closer to the base camp of Mount Everest.

Pollard is shooting film to document the attempt by 68-year-old Jim Geiger of Sacramento, California – a great grandfather – to be the oldest American ever to reach the summit of the world’s tallest mountain.

Pollard shot film on a previous expedition on Everest in 1999 but didn’t reach the summit on that trip. He says his party recently passed through a small village that has a monastery and he got some good footage of Geiger taking some quiet time to reflect inside the monastery.

His group has been resting and taking short day hikes and enjoying a local spicy chicken dish – with most members of his party feeling well and acclimatized to the low altitude.

Pollard says one thing has changed since he last passed through many of the small villages he’s revisiting now – and that is they now offer Internet access and cell phone service.

Pollard’s hiking party will look for a window of opportunity to summit Mount Everest starting around the second week of May.

More information and photos about his trip can be found on his Facebook page and at the following link: