Fire Danger Still High For Memorial Day Weekend

by Tony on May 22, 2015

Conway-FireWith the Big Memorial Day Weekend upon us officials are warning that conditions are still rough for those looking to enjoy a smore by the campfire. The state tourism department is expecting over 500,000 people to visit the granite state this weekend with many of those visitors likely camping and hitting the trails. With a large area of the state in a drought the fire danger is high. Conway Fire Chief Stephen Solomon said, “Fire permits are currently day by day based on weather conditions. If you’re going to burn at home or you have a private campsite you definitely need to check before you start the fire.” The Chief added that those who are camping will be able to enjoy a campfire because “Commercial campgrounds are held to a higher standard then your average home owner is there for they area allowed to burn when the fire danger is higher” To check the fire danger in your area Click Here or contact your local fire official