Fryburge Police Start Kidz Tix Program

by Tony on July 28, 2014


Kidz Tix 2 President of Fryeburg Business Association Donna Woodward and acting Chief of Police in Fryeburg Joshua Potvin

Fryeburg Police Department has teamed up with the Fryeburg Business Association and developed the KIDZ TIX Program. KIDZ TIX is a rewards program through which children will be given ‘tickets’ by the Fryeburg Police Officers for choosing safe behaviors or providing services to the community. Collaboration with the Fryeburg Business Association has been a critical part in gathering donations for the KIDZ TIX program and many of the local businesses are participating. The tickets will provide children with discounted coupons for food, treats, flowers, or other merchandise offered by participating businesses. KIDZ-TIX will be issued for behaviors such as using a crosswalk, wearing a helmet, properly wearing a seatbelt, assisting the elderly, or other outstanding community service deeds.