by Tony on January 23, 2014

Town officials in Fryeburg, Maine are thinking about infrastructure issues – and they are aware of how rough a ride Route 302 is from the Conway town line through Fryeburg.

Heading eastbound from Conway, things get very bumpy as soon as you cross the state line into Fryeburg, as layers of the road have broken off and cars can be seen veering into the breakdown lane to avoid the worst patches of it.

Police Chief Phil Weymouth says the severe winter weather has been hard on the road and right now there’s not a lot that can be done about it.

Fryeburg Town Manager Sharon Jackson says she drives on Route 302 every day and knows how bad it is. She says the town is taking a lot of complaints about the condition of the road but it’s a state road – and the state’s responsibility to maintain it.

Weymouth says major potholes are reported immediately to the state and a Maine Dept. of Transportation official based in Fryeburg frequently checks the road.

MDOT says it’s funded for a paving project on Route 302 from Bridgton to Stanley Hill Rd. in Fryeburg – about a five mile segment. But the segment that extends to the New Hampshire state line is still in the design stage, so the earliest construction could begin there will be in the year 2017.

Weymouth hopes there will be a large turnout of Fryeburg residents Jan. 30, 2014 (5 p.m. at the Fryeburg Rescue Barn on Route 302) at a public meeting to discuss another infrastructure issue – the possibility of building a new public safety and rescue building that would include the police and fire departments, and Fryeburg Rescue, a non-profit that is not part of the Fryeburg town government.

Right now Weymouth’s department rents a few small rooms in the Rescue Barn on Route 302 from Fryeburg Rescue at a cost of $6,000 a year.