Fryeburg police chief resigns

by Tony on April 29, 2014

The chief of police in Fryeburg, Maine has resigned.

Fryeburg town manager Sharon Jackson says Chief Phil Weymouth was put on administrative leave April 17, 2014 and resigned his position as chief Monday.

Jackson says based on her judgment she appointed Detective Sgt. Josh Potvin as acting police chief April 17, the same day Weymouth was put on leave.

Jackson declines to provide details about why Weymouth was put on leave.

Recently Weymouth had been soliciting input from Fryeburg residents about possible interest in building a public safety building that would house his department, Fryeburg Fire Dept. and the non-profit Fryeburg Rescue, an organization that is not affiliated with the Fryeburg town government.

Potvin has raised the profile of the Fryeburg Police Dept. considerably in recent months, acting as its spokesperson and releasing information about high profile cases, such as the recent arrest of a Fryeburg man suspected of breaking into homes and a business in East Fryeburg.