Jen’s Friends Flamingo Fundraiser

by Tony on February 21, 2014

A valley tradition continues this week as Jen’s Friends – the local non profit that supports cancer patients and their families – is running its 3rd annual Plastic Pink Flamingo Flocking campaign, a fundraiser.

For a suggested donation of $10 you can “flock a friend” by having a pink flamingo placed on their lawn.

If you have been “birded” and there is a pink flamingo on your lawn, you can have it officially removed for a suggested donation of $10. Re-flocking is encouraged, again for $10 – and you can even buy “non-flocking insurance” for $20.

The pink flamingo flocking promotion was gifted to Jen’s Friends by community activist Donna Woodward of Fryeburg, Maine after she started it to support a local cancer patient.

The promotion runs through Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014. To place your bird, call (603) 374-2434 or (603) 662-9126.