Judge Considering Shortening Sex Offenders Sentence

by Tony on October 8, 2014

A New Hampshire judge’s statement that he is inclined to reduce the sentence he gave a convicted child sex assailant has sparked indignation by prosecutors, domestic violence coalitions, the victim and her family. Carroll County Superior Court Judge David Garfunkel on Sept. 26 sentenced Joshua Baud to 7 ½ years on two convictions of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl eight years ago. Four days later, Garfunkel said he intends to reduce Baud’s sentence to six years. A hearing to discuss the sentence was scheduled Tuesday.

Prosecutors who were in court said Garfunkel told the lawyers the sentence was too harsh. Carroll County Attorney Robin Gordon says the decision is unfair. They also argue that the Judge does not have the power to change a sentence in this manner Defense attorney’s said Garfunkel gave an appropriate amount of notice about his intent to change the sentence.

A victim advocacy group has reached out to more than 500 constituents asking them to join a silent protest Tuesday. Many of whom did show up for the hearing wearing white shirts to silently protest the judges consideration.

Garfunkel called the case an extremely important matter of law and gave the attorneys some time to file additional pleadings if they wished. The judge said he would take the case under advisement and should be issuing a ruling in approximately 30 days.