Judge Says Kibby Trial On Track To Begin Next Year

by Tony on February 20, 2015


A Coos County judge said the trial of Nathaniel Kibby is on track to begin early next year. Yesterday was the Dispositional Conference for the Coos County part of the indictments being held against alleged kidnapper Nathaniel Kibby. During the hearing yesterday afternoon in Lancaster, which Kibby waived his right to appear in, the judge said the trial is on track to begin in n January 2016, with jury selection likely in the early part of the month. Kibby face 200 indictments in Coos County and another 5 in Carroll County. At the hearing, state prosecutors continued their argument to have just one trial be held under one judge, as Kibby faces charges in two separate counties. Defense lawyers countered saying they cannot agree to that until they have all of the discovery from the state in order to properly represent their client. They also said they would need about a month the review it once it was given to them. The Carroll County Dispositional Conference and status hearing will be March 4th at 10 am at the Carroll County Superior Court in Ossipee.