Kibby Trials Looking Like They May Be Consolidated To One Court and One Judge

by Tony on March 15, 2015

It is looking like the case against alleged kidnapper Nathaniel Kibby might be consolidated to a single court but there remain arguments over pieces of evidence. The Prosecution asked once again that the over 200 indictments in both Carroll and Coos county be consolidated and moved to Belknap County under a single Judge. The defense and Judge both agreed, however a decision on that wasn’t made today. Certain pieces of discovery raised issue today, because the state has it under a protective order. Requesting that Kibby not maintain copies of it without having a person in his presence for reasons to be specified to a judge later. The Judge said the trial is on track to start next year, but when is presenting an issue since the Defense wants it in April and the State wishes to have it in January in order to resolve the case sooner for the alleged victim.