Masschusetts Man Injured In Canoe Accident In Fryeburg

by Tony on July 20, 2015

carrying out of waterA Massachusetts man canoeing in Fryeburg is ok after his boat flipped while on the Saco River. According to Fryeburg Police, yesterday around 1 in the afternoon a 55 year old Rockland, Massachusetts man flipped his canoe at an area known as ‘Walker’s Rips.’


According to witnesses the man went under water striking his head and knee on the rocks before being pulled to a nearby beach by other canoeists, who then called 9-1-1. A Fryeburg Police Boat was on patrol and officers responded to the call within minutes. Fryeburg Rescue also launched their rescue boat to the scene. Rescuers carried the injured man for about 150 yards before Fryeburg Rescue transported the patient to Bridgton Hospital for head and knee injuries. He is in stable condition at this time.

carrying out of woodsFryeburg Police Chief Joshua Potvin said “The canoeist had his life jacket in the boat but was not wearing it at the time it capsized. Walker’s Rips is a part of the river we patrol regularly by boat. This section is known for its rapids and capsizing inexperienced canoers. Overall, this was an excellent collaborative response by police and rescue personnel.”