New Information Released In The Case Against Alleged Kidnapper Nathaniel Kibby.

by Tony on January 11, 2016

kibby-arraignmentConcord, NH – New information has been released about how suspected kidnapper Nathaniel Kibby allegedly abducted his victim. The 34-year-old Kibby faces 205 charges related to the kidnapping of a then 14-year-old Conway girl in October of 2013.


Earlier today a 45 page order listing the latest motions in the case were released by the office of the state Judicial Branch. Within the motions it was revealed that when the victim retold her story to police she stated that while walking home from school an unknown male had offered her a ride in a silver car, which she accepted. The man then took her to the Home Depot parking lot where he drew a handgun and used a taser on her before putting a Carhartt style jacket and baseball cap on her. The victim then said that he drove her to a shed she believed was his property.

In the original story the victim told police that an unknown man in a blue pickup truck offered her a ride and then threatened her with a knife when she got in the vehicle. She told police she had misled them originally because the suspected kidnapper had threatened to harm her family if she revealed any information.

In the order the defendant attempted to suppress 55 pieces of evidence being submitted in the case, which included laptop computers, a scream style mask, and four cardboard discs. The court sided with the state on all of the items with the exception of some firearms seized from Kibby’s home in Gorham. The defense argued that several of the firearms taken during the execution of the search warrants on July 29th and August 1st of 2014 were not of the description given by the victim. They also argued that the warrants did not justify an expanded categorical search for firearms other than those described by the victim, and the court agreed.

The defendant also submitted a motion to remove four cardboard discs as admissible evidence. The documents say that the victim stated the defendant ran a counterfeiting operation in which she would spray the fake bills with Scotchguard using the cardboard discs. The state argued that the discs were in plain view when authorities executed the search warrant and the court agreed.

The defense also pushed motions to remove Assistant Attorney General Jane Young from the case stating a conflict of interest because of another case in which Kibby allegedly threatened Young during a recorded phone call. That case, stemming from the kidnapping case, alleges that during a recorded call from prison Kibby made threats to harm Young, saying that he knew she was listening to the call. Kibby faces a charge of improper influence and misdemeanor charges of criminal threatening and obstructing governmental administration. The court denied the motion citing past court cases.

Kibby’s defense sought to have statements Kibby Made while being transported to the Conway Police Stations stricken claiming a violation of his Miranda Rights, however the Judge disagreed and denied the motion.

The defense also wanted access to the victim’s medical history and records since birth. Prosecutors have already provided medical records since 2004, and the judge denied the defense’s request.

Any motions left pending are scheduled to be heard on June 1st through June 3rd of 2016. For a look at the full order Click Here.