New Smart Phone App Coming To The Valley TO Connect Merchants To Their Customers

by Tony on April 17, 2015

Manchester, NH (April 17, 2015) — Adored, an iBeacon experience company, has announced that starting this weekend, nine merchants within the Mt. Washington Valley will be utilizing the mobile app in order to provide a new and more engaging way to interact with their customers.


“A visit to the Mt. Washington Valley is a unique experience you will always remember,” said Cory von Wallenstein, CEO of Adored. “While we can’t compete with Mother Nature, Adored does try to create something special for its users. The same is true of the great merchants who are participating in this launch. They care about their customers and want to engage with them in new and exciting ways.”


Adored is a new way to do just that. Launched in Manchester, N.H. last fall, Adored is a smartphone app that enables restaurants, bars, shops and attractions to build stronger relationships with loyal customers, influence casual customers to visit more often, and draw new people in when they’re in the area. For the consumer, it is a single app that provides automatic loyalty rewards for each and every participating merchant, in the North Conway area and beyond.


“The merchants within the Mt. Washington Valley have always had a special relationship with their customers,” said Janice Crawford, Executive Director of the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau. “Adored is a great way to build on that. For the merchants it is a way to add more value to their customers and show that their loyalty is appreciated.”

The Adored app, available on Apple iOS and Android phones, communicates with tiny Bluetooth “beacons” set in key locations within participating businesses. The interaction with consumers’ phones is completely anonymous and effortless– no passwords to enter, no scanning QR codes, no punching cards.


“For our customers, they don’t have to be fumbling around in their wallet for a loyalty card,” said Terry O’Brien, owner and general manager of the Red Parka Steakhouse and Pub, one of the nine Mt. Washington Valley merchants using Adored. “As soon as they walk through the door they are going to have a welcome message and special offers. People are going to like this.”


A proven success in Manchester and with solid financial backing, Adored has now begun expanding into other markets. The Mt. Washington Valley launch of Adored will soon be followed by further expansion into other areas across the state, including Portsmouth, Nashua and Concord.


The nine merchants who have chosen to participate in the Mt. Washington Valley launch of Adored, include:

  • Tuckerman Brewing Company, Conway
  • Black Cap Grille, North Conway
  • Frontside Grind, North Conway
  • Chef’s Bistro, North Conway
  • Delaney’s Hole in the Wall, North Conway
  • The Local Grocer, North Conway
  • Vintage Baking Company, Glen
  • Red Parka Steakhouse and Pub, Glen
  • J Town Deli, Jackson

“Using Adored was a no brainer,” O’Brien said. “We have always been quick to adopt new technologies. If something helps us get new people to our events then it helps us grow our business. Adored will do that.”


Adored increases the lifetime value of your customers by engaging the right person at the right time with the right message, both on location and off site. Headquartered in Manchester, NH and working with the many of the best coffee shops, bars, restaurants, ski resorts and attractions in the metro Boston area, Adored has proven the value of delivering a tailored experience to each customer in real-time, bringing customers back more often, spending more when they do, and driving top of mind awareness where and when it’s needed.

 -Courtesy of Adored Press Release