NH And Maine Electors Vote On The Next President Today

by Tony on December 19, 2016

Concord, NH – New Hampshire’s four electors are soon gathering in the Executive Council chambers to vote on the next president. The 538 members of the Electoral College are meeting in their home states across the country on today. New Hampshire’s four electors gather at 10 a.m. and plan to vote for Hillary Clinton, who won the state on Nov. 8. But Donald Trump is poised to capture the presidency. He’s owed 306 electoral votes based on the states he won, more than the 270 needed to win the White House. Electors in some states have talked of breaking with their states’ popular votes, but a mass movement doesn’t appear to be underfoot. New Hampshire’s electors are all women who have served in elected office.

Just across the Boarder in Maine The only Republican presidential elector in New England says some voters don’t realize the election is over. Maine Republican Chairman Rick Bennett says he’s catching heat from those who want him to withhold his support of Donald Trump in hopes of denying him the presidency, when the Electoral College votes today. Bennett is the only Republican elector from Maine to New Jersey. Maine split its electoral votes for the first time. One congressional district supported Trump in the election, while the other favored Hillary Clinton. There’s no penalty for voting for someone else, but Bennett says he will cast his vote for the president-elect because that’s the will of voters in the 2nd Congressional District.