NH Voter ID Law: What You Should Know Before You Vote

by Tony on November 8, 2016

Be sure to have an ID with you when you go to vote in New Hampshire today. Voters originally just gave their name and address to get checked off the list of registered voters. The law that went into effect in 2012 requires voters to present a photo ID such as a driver’s license before being checked off the list.

Other Accepted forms of ID are:
Non-driver ID card issued by NH DMV or motor vehicle agency of another state
Photo ID card for “voting identification only” issued by NH DMV
United States armed services identification card
United States passport or passcard
NH student ID card (see more information below)
A photo ID not mentioned above, but determined to be legitimate by the moderator, supervisors of the checklist, or clerk of a town, ward or city.

The ID will remain valid 5 years beyond the expiration date unless the voter is 65 or older in which case an acceptable photo ID may be used without regard to expiration date.

Those who do not have a photo ID can still vote but they must sign a “Challenged Voter Affidavit”. In addition to the affidavit the voter then must have their picture taken. Those opposed to having their picture taken due to religious reasons can opt out by signing another affidavit stating so.

Those who fill out an affidavit will also receive a follow-up letter from the state asking them to verify they voted in the election. If a response isn’t received within 90 days, the state will investigate. Anyone found guilty of voter fraud faces a civil penalty no less than $5,000.