Our News Director Christian Mower Interviews Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Sununu

by Tony on September 12, 2016

christopher_t_sununuConway, NH – Right before the voters across the state decide who they want to represent their party in the Gubernatorial race, News Director Christian Mower got a chance to talk with Executive Councilor and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Sununu about the Issues. The full unedited interview can be found below.

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When asked why he is the best candidate for the job Councilor Sununu had this to say: Sununu 1

His stance on the Northern Pass project and the unemployment issue in the state. Sununu 2

His views on decriminalization of marijuana and how he would deal with the opiate crises as Governor. Sununu 3

His stance on Health Care and how he planed to defeat his democratic opponent if he won the primary. Sununu 4