SAU 13 head to address educators

by Tony on January 30, 2014

The superintendent of SAU 13 – the three public schools in Freedom, Madison and Tamworth – is heading to Texas next week to address a conference of educators.

Lou Goscinski will attend a 3-day conference in Austin at the Texas Computer Education Assoc. Convention where he will talk about his “One to One Digital Learning Initiative” at Madison and Freedom Elementary Schools and K.A. Brett School in Tamworth – where about 450 kindergartners through 8th graders are using digital tablets called KUNOs in class and at home.

The students got the tablets in October, 2013. At the conference Goscinski will talk about how the system was rolled out and how his teachers are trained for using the technology.

Goscinski will speak as part of a 3-person panel in Texas that includes two other school system superintendents – one from Texas and the other from North Carolina – he’s been collaborating with in using the technology that’s getting national media coverage.

Even though he’ll be attending a major conference about technology, Goscinski stresses the new system of teaching is more about how instruction and the curriculum are integrated – and that the technology must never be and end in itself. Using the KUNO tablets, teachers in SAU 13 directly control the lesson plans of the students and what they are able to access on the Internet.

He says second graders in Freedom – in cooperation with the local historical society – used their tablets during the holiday season for holiday ornaments that contained interactive information accessed through barcodes.

Goscinski says the KUNO tablets are being used to transform instruction and give students the tools and skills they need to be successful – and the students now have new ways to express and share their amazing creativity.