Streaming and Web Site Update

by Greg on August 25, 2010

Hello WMWV-ites! Just wanted to post a WMWV Streaming and Web Site Update so anyone who wants to know what is going on can. Thanks to all who have been commenting… good and bad. We like reality at WMWV and appreciate your comments and support. Here are two quick updates:

1. PLAY LIST! – We totally agree it would be great to see our music log in real time where you could see what song played at 10:15 am yesterday, or what song just played 10 minutes ago. This technology is available and we have looked at it, but at this time it is out of our price range. Maybe in the future the cost will go down, or we will find a way to accomplish this on our own. 

2. STREAMING! – We finally did it, but yes, it does have a long way to go. We are working on getting the PSA’s off the stream… but right now they have to be used to cover national commercials. These national commercials need to be covered because we do not have (and can’t get) a license to play them on line.  There are a LOT of fees for us to be streaming and lots of legal issues we have to watch out for. In the next month you will start to hear LOCAL advertisers back on the stream and we hope to only cover national ads with PSA’s or hopefully station promos… but it will sound better. We are trying our best and appreciate your support and hope you stick with us on this streaming ride while we work the bugs out, get out the kinks, iron out the wrinkles, get off the schnide,  try and try to make it all sound better.

Again, thanks for checking out WMWV.COM and supporting us.