Suspicious Package Shuts Down Eaton Road

by Tony on December 22, 2016

Conway, NH – Authorities closed Eaton Road in Conway yesterday after a suspicious package was found. According to Conway Fire Chief Stephen Solomon, just before 11 am Wednesday, Conway police received a call about the package found in the travel lane of Eaton Road (Rt. 153) in the area of Stark Road. The caller told authorities he had moved the package to the side of the road noticing it was unusually heavy. He opened the top of the package and saw wires so he called 911.

The Chief said that authorities examined the package and though the threat was low of it being an explosive it met the criteria to call the state bomb squad. Authorities closed Eaton Road for about 40 minutes as the bomb squad assisted the Conway Fire department.

They determined that the package was not a threat by x-raying it and eventually opening it using a specialized water jet device. The item in the package was described as a large square metal tube with a single wire coming out of the top in a coil, possibly a transducer or sensor of some type. Chief Solomon said “there is nothing to suggest that this was intentional or anything other than a package lost by someone”.