The Cars New CD, “Move Like This” Out March 1st!

by Roy on February 18, 2011

Hey, Cars Fans!!! Here’s the first single, “SAD SONG”! Check It Out!


An Old Friend April 6, 2011 at 11:07 pm

I think if The Cars want to regain some of the original fan base and establish a new one, there would have to be an honest and heartfelt tribute to the true voice of The Cars. Mr. Benjamin Orr. Hopefully the remaining members have such a gesture somewhere on this CD…if not, the fans that established the band won`t support it 25 years later. It`s probably a safe bet that the 12-34 yeard old CD buying target audience won`t be very interested in 80` new wave in 2011. But everyone still here in Boston wishes nothing but the best for some of it`s prodigal sons…even you Rick

Corey Leland March 25, 2011 at 11:14 pm

I was a in high school when The CARS first album came out…I hear “Just what I needed” today at work, it is probably (if I had to pick one) my all-time favorite song. I had all the albums on vinyl and have at one time or another owned all of them on cd. I am very, very happy to hear they have a new cd coming out…Of course part of the love of the CARS is Ben Orrs vocals, so I am sure that will be missed…I once met Elliott Easton in a rare guitar store in the San Fernando Valley, he seemed a bit bitter towards Ric “Oh-car-sick” as he called him…I can hear why on this new track…where the heck is Elliot (one of the best lead guitar players of all-time) on this track…I listened a second time and still no ripping guitar solo…Hmmm…I sure hope his presence isn’t so restrained on the rest of this cd. Jacknife Lee is a good producer but again, part of the joy of CARS is Roy Thomas Baker…( listen to Queen or Journey’s Infinity album to hear what his contribution obviously was) In any event, from Elliots attitude in that guitar store, it would seem this is more like another Ric Ocasek solo effort but after all he did write all the songs and don’t get me wrong I am a huge Ric Ocasek fan…but please tell me there are plenty of guitar solos on this cd!!!!

Rayman August 24, 2011 at 10:32 pm

Nope. One guitar solo on the entire disc…Sure, Ben Orr is not on this album, but Elliot’s guitar is absent as well. Speaking of Queen; the Cars “Hot Spaced-It” on this one.

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