Tubers Trip Turned Time-Consuming

by Tony on July 28, 2014

Two Tubers’ trip turned into an overnight stay this weekend. Two men from southern NH found themselves a bit lost this weekend, when they lost track of their tubing group while going down what they believed was the Saco. The group ended up accidentally floating down the Swift River instead, when they put in at Bear Notch Road. 26-year-old Matthew Eillis and 21-year-old Dylan Meyers lost their group around a bend. The Party decided 2 miles into their trip to cut it short and walked to their car parked by Lower Falls. The two men continued down the river until dark only making it 1 and half miles. Their friends contacted authorities that helped in a search. Shoe-less the two men were eventually able to make their way out of the woods on their own around daybreak, both in good condition. The U.S. Forest Service prohibits swimming at Rocky Gorge, the section of river the group intended to travel, due to a dangerous waterfall. In a statement the NH Fish and Game said that the Swift River is not a recommended tubing destination, and reminds people that the Lower Falls is closed.