Finalists have been selected in the WMWV Local Song of the Year Contest.  Appreciation goes out to WMWV and our thankless judges.

Congratulations to CATWOLF, hArt of Sound and Way of the Headband.

And special mentions go out to: Blue Bus, Candie Tremblay, The Bruce Marshall Group, Kyle Poirier, Hayley Gowland and ther project The Cranks, The Franny O Show, and Al Hospers.

Showcases are being scheduled- stay tuned for that schedule. Information will be posted toot-suite.  In the meantime, feel free to vote for your favorite!

Thanks so much to our sponsors: Moat Mountain Brewing Co., Amoskeag Beverages and North Conway Music Center.


CATWOLF: Big Bowl of Sunshine

hArt of Sound: Shockwaves

Way of the Headband: Shoot the Messenger