Eating with The Valley Originals has Never Been More Important

Genn Anzaldi of The Valley Originals and J-Town Deli talked with Roy Prescott this morning via the phone and they were able to discuss how the Valley Originals are reacting to the COVID-19 outbreak. Some of the Valley Originals have closed for the time being but there are many that are still open and doing Take Out, Delivery, Curbside, and Meal To Go Services. Genn said the best way to check in on your favorite Valley Original status is to follow them on Social Media, visit their respective website, or call. There are over 700 employees that make up the Valley Originals collectively and Genn explained that they are doing all they can to support them. She also mentioned in the last year alone, the Valley Originals earned almost $400,000 in donations for local charities and groups. So now more than ever, eating local has never been more important, even if the Valley Original is closed just purchasing a gift certificate goes a long way. Click below to listen to Roy’s conversation with Genn.


To learn more about the Valley Originals and to get a full list of all the locally own and operated restaurants go to THEVALLEYORIGINALS.COM