Flanagan House In Tamworth Torn Down For New Park


 The Flanagan House before it was razed Monday ~ Photo courtesy of Neysa Packard


TAMWORTH, NH – A local land mark in Chocorua has been taken down. The Flanagan House, A white home that stood for many years along the western bank of the Chocorua River, was razed Monday.

According to Chocorua Park LLC the building was acquired by the group in 2015 along with the Chocorua damn as well as other pieces of property on the west side of the river. In 2016 the group attempted to sell the Flanagan House to businesses, non-profit organizations, or even as a private residence to no avail. The group said that after 3 years of paying full property taxes on the building they made the decision to clear the property. North Country Recycling demolished and removed the House Monday morning.

A picture of the Flanagan House after demotion had almost finished ~ Photo courtesy of Deb Alward 

Kimball Packard owner of the Farmstand in Chocorua said “We were sorry that no one stepped up to purchase it, it was on the market since before we arrived, and the owners even offered to donate it to a non-profit, but no one could handle the overhead that would have come with it. It’s going to be a really nice park though, and I look forward to the space becoming available for events like a farmers market, craft fair etc.

Chocorua Park LLC said in a facebook post that the land will be regraded in April and may to create accessible paths to the River, with benches and other features alongside the river.