Former Olympic Snowboarder Visits The Valley

2002 U.S. Olympic Snowboarder Peter Thorndike visited King Pine earlier this week with his family. ~ Photo Courtesy of Thomas Prindle

MADISON, NH — As the 2018 Winter Olympics get set to begin and attention focuses on top elite U.S. athletes competing among the best of the world, Peter Thorndike a member of the 2002 U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team was enjoying a sunny Monday skiing and snowboarding with his family at King Pine.

“We’re here regularly on Mondays,” said Peter Thorndike, a former U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team member comprised of 7 men and 7 women selected to compete in the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. “We homeschool our children and they are at a young age and level that works for us well here at King Pine.”



Now living in Center Harbor with his wife Laura and their children Elsa and Pierce, Peter said it was a friend of his who similarly homeschool their children that suggested they participate in the King Pine Pioneer Race Series, a weekly race league that welcomes all ages and skill levels. “It’s less about racing for us,” admitted Peter. “We found it to be a very affordable way for us to regularly get out with our kids. It’s a relaxed day for us arriving late morning and making runs before lunch and some more after lunch.”


Thorndike is still involved with USASA as a clinic instructor that will often have him travel out West and he also runs a snowboard camp annually at a larger New Hampshire ski area.

“We feel fortunate to have access to such a family friendly and affordable ski area with such varied terrain and friendly staff. We really enjoy the laid back attitude and feel safe bringing our young kids to the mountain. King Pine is where I competed in one of my first snowboard races back in the early nineties and my wife Laura too was introduced to King Pine at a young age when she would come over with a Sandwich School Recreation program. It was certainly a long, winding and rewarding road for me with various academies, teams and international competitions to become part of the 2002 U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team and compete at Park City, but I’m happy to be spending time again back at King Pine now with our kids as they learn to ski.”