Governor Sununu Kills Toll Increase Proposal

CONCORD, NH – There will not be an increase in toll prices in New Hampshire. Governor Chris Sununu announced that he will not allow the toll increase that the Department of Transportation had proposed.

In New Hampshire the governor controls what items appear on the agenda of Executive Council meetings, and he also has the power to negate a council vote.

The proposal would have raised an estimated $37 million annually by increasing toll amounts statewide.

It was originally set to be voted on by the Executive council earlier this month. However at the request of the DOT the vote was postponed till January to allow for public comments on the issue.

The Governor said in a statement “After hearing from citizens across the state, reviewing feedback from the public comment sessions, and conferring with members of the Executive Council following yesterday’s final GACIT hearing, my position has not changed. Had the Council ultimately voted in favor of toll increases, I would have negated their vote. Dragging this process out is not productive. As such, I will not allow this toll increase to move forward. I was sent to Concord to fight for the working men and women of New Hampshire, and that is what I am doing. Merry Christmas”

The Governor also created the hashtag nocoalnotolls on his facebook page.