Great Dane Rescued From Puppy Mill Has Surprise Litter

5-year-old Ellie gave birth to 3 puppies on June 23rd to the surprise of volunteers at the Conway Area Humane Society ~ Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Conway, NH – Nine of the seized Great Danes became twelve over the weekend. The Conway Area Humane Society posted on their Facebook page that one of the 84 Great Danes rescued from an alleged puppy mill in Wolfeboro unexpectedly gave birth to three puppies Friday.

5-year-old Ellie is one of the 9 dogs seized during the investigation leading up to the seizure of the 84 dogs.

Workers at the humane society noted that she was lactating when they brought her in but suspected it was due to a false pregnancy since she didn’t appear to be carrying puppies. Then Friday morning Ellie began showing signs of labor, and a little while later the rescued dogs went from 84 to 87.

The Humane society said that the happy family is currently in a foster home and expressed thanks for all the supplies and support from the community.