Johnson’s Auto Care Continues to Serve The Mount Washington Valley

 Gino was joined by the Owner of Johnson’s Auto Care, John Johnson today. John checked in with us to let us know that Johnson’s is still open and will continue to serve the Mount Washington Valley throughout this pandemic. John told Gino about the 43 year history of Johnson’s, the services they provide, and mentioned the changes that their establishment has gone through in order to service your vehicles safely and clean. John touched on his love for the Valley and how it’s a real big deal for his company to give back to the community whenever they can with such events like the Vaughan Food Drive every November and more. He also reminded us all that it’s time to get those snow tires off! Click below to listen!

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For more details about Johnson’s Auto Care you can call 603-356-7051 or simply go to JOHNSONSAUTOCARE.COM