Kennett High School & Middle School Locked Down After Alarm Activation

North Conway, NH – Kennett High School and Middles school went into a lockdown Wednesday after someone activated the alarm. According to Conway Police the high school lockdown alarm was activated at 10:20 A.M. triggering a school wide lockdown.

The School Resource Officer, was on scene at the school and reported that the cause of the alarm was unknown. Within minutes, eight Conway Police Officers along with officers from the Carroll County Sherriff’s Department and NH State Police arrived on scene.

Officers conducted an initial search of the school but no immediate threats were identified.  At that time, a cursory search of each and every room of the school was completed by search teams. 

All staff and students were systematically removed from their classrooms and offices.

The search of the entire building took officers approximately 2 hours.

As the Lockdown at the High school was being lifted a lockdown alarm at Kennett Middle School was reported. Officers responded and determined it was an accidental activation.

While this was taking place SAU 9 schools were to shelter in place as a precaution. A shelter in place is a lower-level response to a specific threat and involves the school making sure people aren’t coming in or out until the situation is over.

After the two lockdowns had been lifted Police issued a press release saying that the point of origin of the alarm activation at the high school was identified and they are working to identify the person responsible for activating it. Authorities said that if the person responsible had no legitimate reason for initiating activation, criminal charges may be brought.

Later in the day SAU 9 Superintendent Kevin Richard issued a statement saying the alarm at the high school was triggered when a person moved his or her phone and the alarm button was inadvertently hit.  

The alarm at the middle school was triggered when someone dropped something on a console and the button was hit.

Richard said the incidents were totally unrelated.

Conway Police Lt. Christopher Mattei said “The Conway Police Department would like to thank the SAU 9 staff and students at both schools for their patience and cooperation.  We would also like to thank both the Conway and North Conway Fire Departments, the Carroll County Sherriff’s Department and NH State Police for their prompt assistance.”