Maryland Couple Rescued After Getting Lost Hiking Near Diana’s Bath

BARTLETT, NH – A couple of hikers are home safe after getting lost in Bartlett. Fish and Game Conservation Officers were called to Moat Mountain at around 7pm Monday (10/8/18) after 73-year-old Allen Burdette and his wife 60-year-old Roberta, from Aberdeen Maryland, got lost.

Authorities said the pair were hiking near Diana’s Bath when they became disoriented and ended up on the Moat Mountain Trail. The couple called for help saying that they were unsure of their location and were unable to continue due to the darkness, wet slippery terrain and they had no lights.

The 911 coordinate placed them approximately 0.5 miles north of the summit of North Moat Mountain and 5 miles from their vehicle at Diana’s Bath trailhead parking area. Rescuers found the hikers at 11 pm, They were cold, hungry and tired but otherwise unharmed. After receiving warm clothing food, water and headlamps they were escorted back to their vehicle at Diana’s Bath parking area, arriving at 4:00 a.m Tuesday.

Fish and Game Officials said this incident is a good reminder to all people recreating in the outdoors to plan appropriately when hiking.  When hiking in the mountains always monitor the weather forecasts and alter or delay you hike if necessary.   The weather suddenly and frequently changes in the mountains; hikers should carry appropriate equipment for unexpected situations and be prepared to spend the night if necessary. Having appropriate gear aides in safety. Please visit www.hikesafe.com for a list of recommended hiking equipment.