Memorial to begin administering COVID-19 Vaccine to children 5-11


NORTH CONWAY, NH – November 4, 2021. The New Hampshire Department of Health has released Pfizer vaccine doses for children aged 5-11 to Memorial Hospital. The hospital expects to begin vaccinations to this age group Monday for its pediatric patients and Tuesday to the public in its vaccine clinic at 2779 White Mountain Highway..

“There have been a lot of people anxiously waiting for this moment,” says Will Owen RN, the hospital’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. “This is one more step in getting out from under COVID-19.”

Vaccine doses for children aged 5-11 are smaller than those given to individuals 12 and older, but Owen says it is still a two-shot regimen. “We’ll schedule a second appointment at the end of the first appointment to make sure the patient gets both shots.”

Online scheduling is now open by visiting vaccine.MaineHealth and selecting Memorial Hospital in North Conway. Patients of Mt. Washington Valley Rural Health (MWVRH) Primary Care at Memorial Hospital are able to schedule a “vaccine-only” appointment by calling (603) 356-5472. MWVRH pediatricians and family practice providers may also offer a vaccine during a scheduled appointment to any eligible patient.