Mold Found In Several Places At Madison Elementary School


Madison, NH – A water leak at Madison Elementary School lead to the discovery of mold in multiple areas of the school. According to SAU 13 Superintendent Louis Goscinski a sink leak in one of the classroom closest resulted in water damage, which lead to mold in the area. The area has since been cleaned and tested clean.

Goscinski said that as a precaution they had the whole school tested, which lead to the discovery that other locations had sustained water damage leading to more mold. School officials said they have isolated and managed the contaminated areas according to the recommendations of Air quality management service Inc. with the assistance of Service Master Cleaners.

Goscinski said the Town Health inspector, Code Enforcement officer, as well as the State Officials were contacted when they discovered the problem.  According to Goscinski the Health Inspector said that there is no need to close the school, however the contaminated areas did need to be isolated. ” We have had the air tested. We’ve had experts come in and make recommendations. And we’re following those recommendations, were taking those seriously. we’ll get information out to parents as needed.”

Letters about the problem have been sent out to parents and information was included in the school newsletter. Goscinski added that a letter is going to be sent out today (Wednesday) as well.

Goscinski said that he did not have a clear estimate of when the work would be finished but he speculated it would go into the Christmas break.