Suspect In Wolfeboro Double Homicide Takes His Own Life

WOLFEBORO, NH – The suspect in a double homicide in Wolfeboro has taken his own life. This morning the State Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald, New Hampshire State Police Colonel Christopher J. Wagner, and Wolfeboro Police Chief Dean J. Rondeau released more information about the shooting deaths of 36-year-old Kris Dube and 36-year-old Kathleen Moran on October 21st.

Officials said that soon after the murders Kathleen Moran’s estranged husband, 41-year-old Kevin Moran of Ossipee, was identified as the prime suspect for the shooting. The investigation revealed that Mr. Moran had been unhappy with Ms. Moran’s recent relationship with Mr. Dube and had threatened them both.

The next day after the murders, Mr. Moran checked himself into a hospital and remained hospitalized until Tuesday, October 30th.  During that time, Mr. Moran was aware that the homicide investigation had made significant progress and was focused on him as the suspect.

On Halloween night Mr. Moran messaged family member and took his own life in a vehicle outside his home in Ossipee.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy yesterday afternoon and confirmed that Mr. Moran’s cause of death was a single gunshot wound and his manner of death is suicide.

 Authorities said that based on the physical evidence collected during the investigation, phone records, and interviews, law enforcement officials are confident that Kevin Moran is the person who shot and killed Kris Dube and Kathleen Moran.