Take One, Leave One Coat Rack In Conway

Lisa and Mike O’Keefe created a take one leave one coat rack to help Conway residents who are without a winter jacket this season. ~ Photo Courtesy of Lisa O’Keefe

CONWAY, NH – A local family is helping to make sure every one in the Mount Washington Valley has access to a winter coat.

Lisa and Mike O’Keefe put up a coat rack where generous residents could leave a winter jacket and those without could grab one.

Lisa said she was inspired by the kindness of another across the country. “We saw an article on the news about a woman in Dallas Taxes who put a coat rack on her side walk with a sign reading Are you cold? Take one… Do you want to help? Leave one. Knowing how kind and generous the MWV is, we thought – Why can’t we put up a rack like Dallas?”

She continued saying “The reason I wanted it out in the open is because most people who need help are too proud to be seen taking items. This way it’s accessible 24/7!”

Lisa and her husband built the coat rack and Conway Selectmen Carl Thibodeau, owner of Conway Marketplace and J & D Tool Repair, gave them permission to place the coat rack in his plaza.

The rack was put up Sunday morning and by that evening Lisa was getting messages saying it was filling up fast. In fact the rack was such a success that she is considering putting up another one somewhere in the Mount Washington Valley.

If you would like to help either provide the next Take One/Leave One Coat Rack location, building materials, or funds contact Lisa O’Keefe on Facebook