Weekend Avalanche On Mt. Washington

Gorham, NH – Authorities are warning hikers and skiers on the highest peak in the northeast to be cautious after a human-triggered avalanche over the weekend. WMUR- TV reports that officials with the Mount Washington Avalanche Center said No one was injured in the Huntington Ravine avalanche, but it was a close call.

Officials reminded outdoor enthusiasts that even minimal snow on the mountain can produce an avalanche. The Avalanche Center’s website advises those looking to explore Mount Washington that the Summer Lion Head Trail has a very low avalanche risk and is currently a safer route than Tuckerman or Huntington Ravine Trail. Adding that The Lion Head Winter Route will be the preferred route when enough snow falls on the Lion Head summer route to create a bed surface and avalanche concerns.

Officials said hikers should get proper training in avalanche safety and check for snow dangers at the avalanche center’s daily update. For the most up to date advisories and avalanche danger on Mt. Washington Go to https://mountwashingtonavalanchecenter.com/