Bartlett Police Fire Back (at article)

Bartlett has been accused of being the most boring town in the State of New Hampshire and the Bartlett Police Department takes umbrage with the allegations. It all started when MSN.com showcased a report on the, ‘most boring town,’ in every State. The report was based off US Census data measuring the age of the population, density of population, and the number of things officially listed to do in a town. Bartlett came out on top, or bottom, for the State of New Hampshire depending on how you rank it. That’s when the Bartlett Police Department raised their objections. The official Facebook page of the Bartlett Police Department accused the article of being, ‘fake news,’ saying that they would tag every business and attraction in the town but that they couldn’t because Facebook has a 50 tag limit. The comments below the post listed suggested alternatives for most boring town. The ‘most-boring town’ listed for Maine was Dover-Foxcroft.’